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Apache DolphinScheduler is an excellent data workflow open-source product, Its community is very friendly and gives us strong support. We save the cost of hundreds of human months by using DolphinScheduler!

—— Software Architect at China Unicom -- Zhengjun Yin

DolphinScheduler is already a good tool for our data project development management, it works very well, hope to keep the original intention and get better and better~

—— Data Director of 360 --Jiang Xu

From EasyScheduler to DolphinScheduler, we have the honor to witness the growth of Little Dolphin - it is getting simpler and easier to use. DS has served the whole Changan Auto Telematics offline development scenario as the basic component of data platform and is very stable. I hope the DS community ecology is getting better and better, and every user can benefit from and contribute to the community!

—— Changan Automobile Data Platform Engineer -- Huang Li

Congratulations to DolphinScheduler for becoming an Apache top project. With powerful scheduling features, convenient and fast visualization tools, and reliable high reliability, DolphinScheduler has become a leader among similar tools in the industry, and is the light of big data software in China.By using DolphinScheduler, New Oriental has improved the efficiency of task scheduling, more convenient system performance analysis, and shorter data output time. Thanks to DolphinScheduler!

—— Technology VP of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (former CTO of Dangdang.com) -- Haitao Li