Open API


Generally, projects and processes are created through pages, but considering the integration with third-party systems requires API calls to manage projects and workflows.

The Operation Steps of DolphinScheduler API Calls

Create a Token

  1. Log in to the scheduling system, click "Security", then click "Token manage" on the left, and click "Create token" to create a token.

  1. Select the "Expiration time" (Token validity time), select "User" (choose the specified user to perform the API operation), click "Generate token", copy the Token string, and click "Submit".

Token Usage

  1. Open the API documentation page

    Address:http://{API server ip}:12345/dolphinscheduler/doc.html?language=en_US&lang=en

  1. select a test API, the API selected for this test is queryAllProjectList


  2. Open Postman, fill in the API address, enter the Token in Headers, and then send the request to view the result:
    token: The Token just generated

Create a Project

Here is an example of creating a project named "wudl-flink-test":

The returned `msg` information is "success", indicating that we have successfully created the project through API.

If you are interested in the source code of creating a project, please continue to read the following:

Appendix: The Source Code of Creating a Project