Hardware Environment

DolphinScheduler, as an open-source distributed workflow task scheduling system, can be well deployed and run in Intel architecture server environments and mainstream virtualization environments, and supports mainstream Linux operating system environments.

1. Linux Operating System Version Requirements

OS Version
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and above
CentOS 7.0 and above
Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.0 and above
Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and above

Attention: The above Linux operating systems can run on physical servers and mainstream virtualization environments such as VMware, KVM, and XEN.

2. Recommended Server Configuration

DolphinScheduler supports 64-bit hardware platforms with Intel x86-64 architecture. The following recommendation is made for server hardware configuration in a production environment:

Production Environment

4 core+ 8 GB+ SAS GbE 1+


  • The above-recommended configuration is the minimum configuration for deploying DolphinScheduler. The higher configuration is strongly recommended for production environments.
  • The hard disk size configuration is recommended by more than 50GB. The system disk and data disk are separated.

3. Network Requirements

DolphinScheduler provides the following network port configurations for normal operation:

Server Port Desc
MasterServer 5678 Not the communication port. Require the native ports do not conflict
WorkerServer 1234 Not the communication port. Require the native ports do not conflict
ApiApplicationServer 12345 Backend communication port


  • MasterServer and WorkerServer do not need to enable communication between the networks. As long as the local ports do not conflict.
  • Administrators can adjust relevant ports on the network side and host-side according to the deployment plan of DolphinScheduler components in the actual environment.

4. Browser Requirements

DolphinScheduler recommends Chrome and the latest browsers which using Chrome Kernel to access the front-end visual operator page.