DolphinScheduler Registry SPI Extension

how to use?

Make the following configuration (take zookeeper as an example)

  • Registry plug-in configuration, take Zookeeper as an example ( dolphinscheduler-service/src/main/resources/

For specific configuration information, please refer to the parameter information provided by the specific plug-in, for example zk: org/apache/dolphinscheduler/plugin/registry/zookeeper/ All configuration information prefixes need to be +registry, such as, which should be configured in the registry as follows:

How to expand

dolphinscheduler-registry-api defines the standard for implementing plugins. When you need to extend plugins, you only need to implement org.apache.dolphinscheduler.registry.api.RegistryFactory.

Under the dolphinscheduler-registry-plugin module is the registry plugin we currently provide.


1: registry connect timeout

You can increase the relevant timeout parameters.