DolphinScheduler Team

The DolphinScheduler team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of DolphinScheduler project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. All contributions to DolphinScheduler are greatly appreciated, whether for trivial cleanups, big new features or other material rewards.


Public Name Apache ID GitHub ID
Furkan Kamaci kamaci @kamaci
Gang Li lgcareer @lgcareer
Guo Jiwei technoboy @Technoboy-
Guo William guowei @William-GuoWei
Jun Gao gaojun2048 @gaojun2048
Kevin Ratnasekera djkevincr @djkevincr
Leon Bao leonbao @lenboo
Liang Chen chenliang613 @chenliang613
Lidong Dai lidongdai @dailidong
Qiao Zhanwei journey @qiaozhanwei
Shao Feng Shi shaofengshi @shaofengshi
Sheng Wu wusheng @wu-sheng
Wu Baoqi baoqiwu @Baoqi
Xiaochun Liu liuxiaochun @khadgarmage
ZijJian Gong millionfor @millionfor
Calvin Kirs kirs @CalvinKirs


Public Name Apache ID GitHub ID
BoYi Zhang zhangboyi @BoYiZhang
Caibiao Xiang break60 @break60
Chong Zhuang kerwin @zhuangchong
Cong Huang chongchongzi @chongchongzi
Hemin Wen wenhemin @wen-hemin
Kai Zhu zhukai @nauu
Kejia Chen jave @Jave-Chen
Li Huang eights @Eights-Li
Lin Li lilin @samz406
Shang Lou clay4megtr @clay4444
Shaojie Wu gabrywu @gabrywu
Shiwen Cheng chengshiwen @chengshiwen
Wenhe Li liwenhe @liwenhe1993
Xingchun Chen chenxingchun @xingchun-chen
Yichao Yang yangyichao @yangyichao-mango
Zongyao Zhang lfyee @lfyee
Zhenxu Ke kezhenxu94 @kezhenxu94
Jiajie Zhong zhongjiajie @zhongjiajie
Yizhi Wang wangyizhi @Wangyizhi1
ShunFeng Cai caishunfeng @caishunfeng
Wenjun Ruan wenjun @ruanwenjun


DolphinScheduler have hundreds of contributors, you could find them in our repositories' contribution list.

Becoming a Committer

DolphinScheduler follows the Apache way to build the community. Anyone can become a committer once they have contributed sufficiently to the project and earned the trust. Read Contributing Guides to take part in the community.

The DolphinScheduler community follows the Apache Community’s process on accepting a new committer.

  1. Start the discussion and vote in @private. Only current PMC member could nominate.
  2. If the vote passes, send an offer to become a committer with @private CC’ed.
  3. Setup committer rights