Release Post

Update Official Website

For example, after the release of x.y.z, the following updates are required:

  • docs/en-us/x.y.z and docs/zh-cn/x.y.z: copy the old directory to the new version x.y.z
    • The reference links of the included documents keep same with x.y.z, especially pay attention to the following file updates:
  • site_config/docsx-y-z.js: copy the old configuration file to the new version, and keep the content link same with x.y.z
  • site_config/site.js:
    • docsLatest: update to x.y.z
    • docs0: The text of two places of en-us/zh-cn needs to be updated to latest(x.y.z)
    • docsxyz: Add a drop-down menu with key as docsxyz and text as x.y.z in children of two places of en-us/zh-cn
  • src/pages/docs/ Add 'x.y.z': docsxyzConfig,
  • download/en-us/ and download/zh-cn/ add the download of the x.y.z release package

Add New Version To GitHub's bug-report.yml

DolphinScheduler's GitHub bug-report issue template have Version selection bottom. So after we release DolphinScheduler we should and the new version to bug-report.yml

Publish Image

Build docker image first, please refer to How to build a Docker image?

And then publish image

docker tag apache/dolphinscheduler:x.y.z apache/dolphinscheduler:latest
docker login # enter the username and password
docker push apache/dolphinscheduler:x.y.z
docker push apache/dolphinscheduler:latest