Documentation Notice

Good documentation is critical for any type of software. Any contribution that can improve the DolphinScheduler documentation is welcome.

Get the document project

Documentation for the DolphinScheduler project is maintained in a separate git repository.

First you need to fork the document project into your own github repository, and then clone the document to your local computer.

git clone<your-github-user-name>/dolphinscheduler-website

The document environment

The DolphinScheduler website is supported by docsite

Make sure that your node version is 10+, docsite does not yet support versions higher than 10.x.

Document build guide

  1. Run npm install in the root directory to install the dependencies.

  2. Run npm run start in the root directory to start a local server, you will see the website in ''.

  3. Run npm run build to build source code into dist directory.

  4. Verify your change locally: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000, when your python version is 3 use :python3 -m http.server 8000 instead.

If the latest version of node is installed locally, consider using nvm to allow different versions of node to run on your computer.

  1. Refer to the Instructions to install nvm.

  2. Run nvm install v10.23.1 to install node v10.

  3. Run nvm use v10.23.1 to switch the current working environment to node v10.

Now you can run and build the website in your local environment.

The document specification

  1. ** Spaces are Required ** between Chinese characters and English or numbers and ** Spaces are not required ** between Chinese punctuation marks and English or numbers, to enhance the aesthetics and readability of the Chinese-English mix.

  2. It is recommended that you use "you" in general. Of course, you can use the term when necessary, such as when there is a warning prompt.

How to submit a document Pull Request

  1. Do not use "git add." to commit all changes.

  2. Simply push the changed files, for example:

  • *.md
  • blog.js or docs.js or site.js
  1. Submit the Pull Request to the master branch.

Reference to the documentation

Apache Flink Translation Specifications