Q: What is Apache DolphinScheduler?

A: DolphinScheduler is a distributed and extensible workflow scheduler platform with a powerful DAG visual interface. It is dedicated to solving complex task dependencies in data pipelines, making multi types of tasks available out of the box

Q: Is DolphinScheduler an ETL tool?

A: Apache DolphinScheduler is an open-source visual workflow automation tool used for setting up and maintaining data pipelines.

DolphinScheduler isn't an ETL tool. but it can helps you manage ETL pipelines and it also integrates some ETL tools like sqoop and datax.

Q:What is DolphinScheduler used for?

A: Apache DolphinScheduler is a workflow automation and scheduling platform that can be used to assemble and manage data pipelines. Similar systems such as oozie and Azkaban etc

Q: Who is using Apache DolphinScheduler?

A: more than 400+ companys are using DolphinScheduler as their scheduler platform, some user cases like IBM、Tencent、meituan、Lenovo、Nokia、SHEIN、Inspur、pingan、ICBC and so on