Apache DolphinScheduler Board Report: Community Runs Well, Commit Number Grows over 123%

Since graduating from the Apache Incubator on March 17, 2021, Apache DolphinScheduler has grown with the community for ten months. With the joint participation of the community, Apache DolphinScheduler has grown into a mature scheduling system product that has been tested in the production environment of hundreds of enterprises after several iterations.

What progress has Apache DolphinScheduler made in nearly a year? Today we're going to review the changes that have taken place in the Apache DolphinScheduler and its community with this Apache report.

Base Data:

Founded: 2021-03-17 (10 months ago) Chair: Lidong Dai Reporting schedule: January, April, July, October Next report date: Wed Jan 19 2022 Community Health Score (Chi): 7.55 (Healthy)

Project Composition:

  • There are currently 39 committers and 16 PMC members in this project.
  • The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 5:2.

Community changes, past quarter:

  • No new PMC members. Last addition was Calvin Kirs on 2021-05-07.
  • ShunFeng Cai was added as committer on 2021-12-18
  • Zhenxu Ke was added as committer on 2021-12-12
  • Wang Xingjie was added as committer on 2021-11-24
  • Yizhi Wang was added as committer on 2021-12-15
  • Jiajie Zhong was added as committer on 2021-12-12

Community Health Metrics:

  • Notable mailing list trends
  • Commit activity
  • GitHub PR activity
  • GitHub issues
  • Busiest GitHub issues/PRs

Notable mailing list trends:

dev@dolphinscheduler.apache.org had a 64% increase in traffic in the past quarter (297 emails compared to 181):

Commit activity:

  • 972 commits in the past quarter (123% increase)
  • 88 code contributors in the past quarter (25% increase)

GitHub PR activity:

  • 824 PRs opened on GitHub, past quarter (89% increase)
  • 818 PRs closed on GitHub, past quarter (100% increase)

GitHub issues:

  • 593 issues opened on GitHub, past quarter (90% increase)
  • 608 issues closed on GitHub, past quarter (155% increase)

Busiest GitHub issues/PRs:

  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6894[Improvement][Logger]Logger server integrate into worker server(15 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6744[Bug][SnowFlakeUtils] fix snowFlake bug(15 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6674[Feature][unittest] Recover UT in AlertPluginManagerTest.java [closes: #6619](15 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/issues/7039[Bug] [Task Plugin] hive sql execute failed(14 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6782[improvement] improve install.sh if then statement(13 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/issues/7485[Bug] [dolphinscheduler-datasource-api] Failed to create hive datasource using ZooKeeper way in 2.0.1(13 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/7214[DS-7016][feat] Auto create workflow while import sql script with specific hint(12 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6708[FIX-#6505][Dao] upgrade the MySQL driver package for building MySQL jdbcUrl(12 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/7515[6696/1880][UI] replace node-sass with dart-sass(12 comments)
  • dolphinscheduler/pull/6913Use docker.scarf.sh to track docker user info(12 comments)

The Way to Join US

There are many ways to participate and contribute to the DolphinScheduler community, including: Documents, translation, Q&A, tests, codes, articles, keynote speeches, etc.

We assume the first PR (document, code) to contribute to be simple and should be used to familiarize yourself with the submission process and community collaboration style.

So the community has compiled the following list of issues suitable for novices: https://github.com/apache/dolphinscheduler/issues/5689 List of non-newbie issues: https://github.com/apache/dolphinscheduler/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A"volunteer+wanted" How to participate in the contribution: https://dolphinscheduler.apache.org/en-us/community/development/contribute.html Community Official Website https://dolphinscheduler.apache.org/ GitHub Code repository: https://github.com/apache/dolphinscheduler Your Star for the project is important, don’t hesitate to lighten a Star for Apache DolphinScheduler ❤️