Backend development documentation

Environmental requirements

  • MySQL (5.5+) : Must be installed
  • JDK (1.8+) : Must be installed
  • ZooKeeper (3.4.6+) :Must be installed
  • Maven (3.3+) :Must be installed

Because the dolphinscheduler-rpc module in DolphinScheduler uses Grpc, you need to use Maven to compile the generated classes. For those who are not familiar with maven, please refer to: maven in five minutes(3.3+)

Project compilation

After importing the DolphinScheduler source code into the development tools such as Idea, first convert to the Maven project (right click and select "Add Framework Support")

  • Execute the compile command:

when deploy version >= 1.2.0 , please use:

 mvn -U clean package -Prelease -Dmaven.test.skip=true

before 1.2.0, please use:

 mvn -U clean package assembly:assembly -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  • View directory

After normal compilation, it will generate ./target/dolphinscheduler-{version}/ in the current directory.

  • Description
bin : basic service startup script
conf : project configuration file
lib : the project depends on the jar package, including the various module jars and third-party jars
script : cluster start, stop, and service monitoring start and stop scripts
sql : project depends on sql file : one-click deployment script